Billy J. Beckworth  -  SAN Storage Consultant – Jacksonville, Texas


Results-oriented, senior systems engineer and professional consultant with more than twenty years of IT storage experience, specializing in HPE StorageWorks and systems and component interoperability. Deeply knowledgeable of all aspects of Storage Area Network (SAN) design, configuration, installation, and implementation. Experienced in program management and analysis in the technology environment, as well as in budgeting and scheduling; skilled trouble-shooter and problem-solver Skilled in Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) design, peripheral control units, device drivers, embedded systems, large systems design and configuration, and backup solutions Experienced in programming various assembly and block-structured languages. Possessed with excellent communication skills exhibited in customer relationships, technical training, and knowledge transfer sessions

Professional Experience

HPE StorageWorks Consultant, Advantage Technical Resources,  (>15 Years)

  • Provides technical expertise and guidance in the design, installation, and management of multiple SAN sites. 
  • Configures and certifies Enterprise SANs at various client sites consisting of various and multiple storage solutions. 
  • Supports software associated with the SAN (pathing, SAN management, switch management, tape management, and backup). 
  • Configures and zones SAN switches; configures HBAs on various operating systems to enable storage to be presented to them. 
  • Verifies SAN installs by collecting information from installed SANs and uses the data for HP documentation. 
  • Provides knowledge transfer to IT personnel in the management and support of their SAN solutions.

Systems Engineer, Storage Technology Innovator (5 years)

  • Provided systems engineering and program management services for California Storage Vendor. 
  • Served as Worldwide Program Manager to stabilize major account locations and provide template for other major accounts. 
  • Worked with customers to set up procedures, negotiate SLA agreements, and provide basis for worldwide deployment of products and services. 
  • Provided integration services for installation of company's product with existing computer installations. 
  • Serviced and saved problem accounts by troubleshooting and providing solutions. 
  • Provided backup, replication, and storage solutions to accounts.

Systems Integrator/ Independent Consultant / Owner, Design Consulting Firm (11 years)

  • Provided custom hardware and software solutions for systems interconnection and integration. Produced line of Bus and Tag System/370 Channel interfaces for workstations based on an Actel FPGA allowing migration of mainframe peripherals to LAN based systems for downsizing. 
  • Performed all phases of design from concept through delivered product. 
  • Provided consulting and management for large-scale software development program for large company, providing LAN-based system for enterprise-wide data storage and output.

Program Manager, Electronics Manufacturer (16 years)

  • Had responsibility for voice recognition hardware and software for Airborne Military Applications and provided innovative technology for continuous speech recognition (CSR) system for the AFTI F-16 development program. Was responsible for all phases (technical, budget, schedule) of program from proposal through completion.
  • Managed several proposal efforts and served as project manager for ground-based support center for remotely piloted vehicle joint venture with CanadAir in Montreal. Provided on-site liaison during final phases of project. Served as senior systems engineer on classified DARPA programs.
  • Provided high-level integration of hardware and software systems and support for firmware and diagnostic testing of speech products. Designed and implemented call progress monitoring software for speech-based products.
  • Managed computer system for small R&D group.
  • Provided test program support for OPTI test system for thermal print head devices. Was lead technician in OPTI III-IV test area for LED devices. Provided manufacturing support for LCD Watch programs.
  • Worked as technician in new products FE utilizing diffusion furnaces and epitaxial reactors.


  • B.S., UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-DALLAS, Computer Science (1983)

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